the habitation & hibernation of memory

series information

I photograph the interiors of the homes of family and friends to investigate how we live and what we live with. My approach to this body of work is part pseudo-scientific with strong vein of curiosity running along side a parallel stream of my own experience in the homes and with the individuals who live there. Part of my inspiration draws from forensic photographs from the early 1900s, mainly those shown in Luc Sante's catalog, "Evidence". There is a cold yet sublime feeling to these images that are intended to only be descriptive, yet the photograph delves far beyond its illustrative intent. Nothing in the space is manipulated until the photograph is taken, so that the full visual story can be told. This is how I operate when I go into a house, I do not arrange anything until the photograph is taken. I use only clues and my knowledge of the individuals, plus the intrinsic nature of the space to compose and to create. I seek the natural state of the habitat at the moment in time I am there, leaving the environment to live a life of its own as it did before I photographed it. My images represent facets of my observation of, and response to the people I know who surround themselves with things they have gathered and arranged to bring a sense of importance and comfort in order to create refuge from the precarious world that surrounds them. I use my friends and family as a control group as a means to examine and to understand a small slice of humanity, and to perhaps gather a insight of personal history, both that of my own and that of those who live in the spaces I seek to photograph.

all images @ 1996 - 2015 Abigail Feldman, all rights reserved